We're Bryan & Sheri Guenther, owners & operators of Countyline Cattle.

Both of us were raised on family farms- Bryan, on a farm in Columbus, WI, and Sheri on a farm in Waterford, WI. 

Also pictured are Everly and Louie, our greatest farm-hands...both are a vital piece of this family owned and operated business. Everly shares her contagious smile daily, and is the foundation of purpose we strive for to put the same quality product on your family's table that we put on ours, and Louie thrives on sharing his unconditional love while trying to help out wherever he can.

We feel incredibly grateful to be able to carry out our farm experiences in our livelihood today, with our family, as well as with our community and customers like you!

Check out more details about our story, when we were featured in the Wisconsin State Farmer!: 

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