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We're the Guenther's...your local farmers at Countyline Cattle, and we're so glad you stopped in to learn more about us and our farm!

Countyline Cattle is a family farm, located in Columbus, Wisconsin. We've been growing our farm here in South Central Wisconsin since 2016, and strive in providing our community and customers throughout the state with premium, responsibly raised beef, raised right here on our farm. We also specialize in raising custom dairy replacement heifers. Our farm is more than just a business; it is a way of life, with a rooted philosophy to provide transparent education and guidance surrounding buying locally sourced, responsibly raised beef, as well as best management practices surrounding herd management for dairy replacement heifers .

When you purchase beef from Countyline Cattle, you're getting a product that has been fueled by compassion & experience. Both Bryan & Sheri were raised on family farms- Bryan, on a farm in Columbus, WI, and Sheri on a farm in Waterford, WI. 

Also pictured are Everly and Jolene, our pride and joy, and our greatest farm-hands.

We feel incredibly grateful to be able to carry out our farm experiences in our livelihood today, with our family, as well as with our community and customers like you. We look forward to putting our responsibly raised beef on your table!

Check out more details about our story, when we were featured in the Wisconsin State Farmer: 

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