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  • How much meat can I expect from my bulk beef order?
    Countyline Cattle's average quarter beef yields around a 225- 250lb. hanging weight. Your take-home weight will be roughly 60-75% of that. (This is normal and influenced by a few factors, including moisture loss during hanging, breed (ratio of meat-to-bone), and cartilage, etc. lost during the butcher process.)
  • Where will the meat be processed?
    We use a few preferred, local processors, with the following being our most utilized: - Country Meat Cutters (Reeseville, WI) - Cedar Road Meats (Iron Ridge, WI)
  • How do I pick which cuts of beef I want?
    Customers complete their cutting instructions to their specifications directly with the processor. For example: size of ground beef packages, specialty items, etc. A "quarter" of beef is actually referred to as a "split quarter," meaning that each quarter put together for each customer is put together by splitting half of a front quarter, and half of a rear quarter. This allows for equal distribution and fair share of the available cuts from the animal.
  • Who pays the processing cost?
    You pay the processing cost-this gets paid directly to the processor at the time of pick up. Processing cost varies by processor, and can typically range from about $0.85/lb.-$0.95/lb. on the hanging weight.
  • Do I pay for hanging weight or take-home weight?
    Hanging weight, which is determined immediately after the animal is harvested & the meat is hung.
  • How do I know when my order is ready? Who picks it up? Do I need to bring anything special?
    When you place your cutting instructions with the processor, you will be given an anticipated timeline of the pick-up date available. With bulk beef processing, beef typically hangs for 14-28 days, which is an ideal timeframe and improves the taste. Pick-up would be around this timeframe after processing is completed and the hang time has lapsed. The customer is responsible for direct pick-up of their order directly at the processor. Coolers with ice are recommended for transport when picking up your beef. Your beef will be packaged, frozen, labeled, and ready to go from the processor's freezer to yours (or on the grill for your next meal!)
  • Is there a down payment?
    Yes, you will need to make a down payment to Countyline Cattle to secure your order. We request a down payment of $125 per quarter, and $250 per half.
  • Can I order something other than bulk beef?
    Yes! We have select individual cuts and bundle options available as well based on inventory.
  • I'm interested! How do I order?
    Click on "Contact Us" to get in touch with us by phone, email, or Facebook to place an order for any bulk beef, individual cuts, or bundle options.
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