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Responsibly Raised Beef


Available by the Quarter, Half, or Whole

 @ $3.25/lb. on the hanging weight

An additional fee for processing is owed directly to the processor. Processing fee varies by processor, quantity ordered, and cutting instructions.

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The Steps From Our Farm to Your Table - Buying Beef in Bulk is Easy & Cost-Effective!

1. Ordering: Customer places order with Countyline Cattle and completes order form, which includes choice of available harvest date and instruction for down payment. 

2. Harvest Date: Countyline Cattle takes the animal to the processor. At this time, we will provide the processor with your contact information and reach out to notify you that you are then able to contact the processor directly to complete your cutting instructions.

3. Cutting Instructions: All beef is cut to customer preferences and specifications. You contact the processor directly (within 1-2 days of harvest date) to complete cutting instructions. 

4. Pick-Up: The processor will notify you to let you know that your order is ready to be picked up. You then pick up your beef directly from the processor. At this time, you will pay the processing fee directly to the processor. 

5. Final Invoice: Countyline Cattle will send a final invoice after you pick up your product. 

6. (The Most Important Step)...You Enjoy Your Responsibly Raised Beef!

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