Responsibly Raised Beef

Bulk beef orders available by the quarter, half, or whole

starting @ $2.75 / lb


Custom orders/bundles also available for various cuts for direct purchase & vary by availability. Price per pound varies based on cut. Inquire within.

The product you will receive has been raised responsibly by the Guenther's right here on our farm. 

Animals are directly in our care from the time they are weaned to the time they reach a market weight.

Our animals receive a hearty diet consisting of a dry hay/corn mixture in addition to haylage & corn silage, producing an end product that is full of flavor, yet much leaner than the beef you will find in the supermarket.  

Yield of Cuts

CUTS...what to expect


There are several different options and variations of cuts that can be completed, depending on the quantity of meat you order and the cuts you prefer.


Pictured is an example of a cutting instructions form. You will walk through your cutting instructions directly with the butcher, where the opportunity will present to ask specific questions about cuts and the yield of specific cuts.

Where will the meat be processed?

We use a few preferred, local, quality butchers, with the following being our most utilized:


Country Meat Cutters

W9851 County Rd GG

Reeseville, WI 53579

Ph: (920) 927-5577

Cedar Road Meats

N5200 Cedar Rd

Iron Ridge, WI 53035

Ph: (920) 625-2887

Detjen's Northern Trail Meats

109 Emerald St.

Watertown, WI 53098

Ph: (920) 261-7807

From Ordering to Picking Up Your Product

Below are the sequence of events to expect from when you place an order to when you pick up your bulk beef order

Customer places order, which includes choice of butcher date available

At this time, you will mail a down payment to Countyline Cattle (see FAQ's for more information)


Countyline Cattle takes animal to the butcher

At this time, we will provide the butcher with your contact information as well as notify you that the animal has been taken in. We will provide instruction for you to contact the butcher to go over your cutting instructions


Customer contacts butcher directly (within 1-2 days) to complete cutting instructions

At this time, the butcher will provide you with an anticipated pick up date


Pick Up Date- customer picks up product directly from the butcher

At this time, you will pay the processing cost to the butcher


Final Invoice

Countyline Cattle will send you a final invoice after you pick-up your product. Your final payment will be made by check or cash via mail directly to Countyline Cattle


You enjoy your responsibly raised beef!